Revell Millennium Falcon 1/144 Variation: Scene REF 1

This light kit is installed in a similar way to the Bandai 1/144. It has been made to help recreate the scene shown, and is an ideal kit for the Revell 1/144 Fine Molds / Master Series model (it will also fit the Bandai 1/144).

There are two different fibre sizes on this set - 1mm diameter and 0.5mm diameter. Fitting postions for the underside fibres are shown below, and should be drilled using corresponding drill bits to the fibre strand.

The four 1mm cool white strands replicate the larger landing lights - two on each side of the Falcon. The 0.5mm strands replicate the smaller landing lights - five on each side of the underside.

The bundle of ten 0.5mm red strands can be fitted to the model makers discretion to provide further detail.

For the front running lights, either the two red 1mm strands can be used, or two strands from the 0.5mm red bundle selected instead depending on the effect required.

Please be aware that if attempting to fit the set into a Bandai model, the front sections will need to be clamped and vertically drilled to route the fibres for the front running lights. The Revell model is open plan, and so easier to install.

The cockpit backlight is the same as the standard Bandai sets, using a 3mm warm white.

A 3mm ultra violet is also provided for either the top or bottom gun port (in this scene, these ports are only fractionally lit).