Data Protection Statement For Captain Jacks Models & CJM Studio

Protection of your personal information is a top priority for us, and we would like to reassure all of our customers of the following:

Q. How do we use the information that you provide?

A. We only use the information that you enter on the customer account / order forms in the following ways:

  1. To notify you that your order has been received, at which stage it is in the production process, and when it has been dispatched.
  2. To facilitate delivery or collection of your goods.
  3. All information collected is the bare minimum to enable the above.

Q. Do you share my information with a third party? Is it used for any other purpose?

A. No. We never use the information in any other way other than to enable delivery or collection of your order. We will not send you any form of marketing material either electronically, through the post or via telemarketing.

All of our new product information is available via our social media links, which you may follow if you wish.

We do not forward your information to any other party.

Q. Where is my customer account information kept?

A. Account information is stored on the servers of our website host at Create is one of the most proactive and secure web hosts, and is a fully DPA compliant company. You may request details of their data protection policy by contacting them directly at the aforementioned web address.

Q. Can I cancel or amend my customer account information?

A. Yes of course. All accounts and order details can be amended / permanently deleted on request.

Q. Do you have access to any payment information?

A. For postal deliveries, we accept Paypal payment only which is the most secure method. This provides us only with the delivery address of the goods, the email address registered to the Paypal account, a transaction code that will be logged on both customer and recipient accounts and of course the sum that has been paid.

We do not have access to any other financial details.

Orders collected in person are payable in cash, and again no further financial information is needed or required.

Both Paypal and UK Royal Mail comply fully with all Data Protection requirements, and can be contacted for their internal data protection policies.

Q. Do you have safeguards in place for age restricted products?

A. Yes. Our site accepts Paypal only as a payment method, which means that the user must be a minium of 18 years old to have been able to open and utilse a Paypal account for use in our store. Our contract of sale is with the Paypal account holder, and by purchasing from our site, you acknowledge that you are the Paypal account holder and are legally liable and responsible for the transaction.

Any person collecting age restricted items in person must provide official photo documents showing proof that they are of suitable age to do so.

Q. What information do you obtain via the Ebay store?

A. If you order from us via our Ebay store, we are provided with your Ebay / Paypal delivery address and your Ebay user name. We do not have access to any of your Ebay account information, all of which will be stored independently on servers. Again Ebay is fully compliant with all data protection requirements, and can be contacted for their internal data protection policy.

Q. What additional information may be collected and displayed if I choose to showcase my project on your website?

A. Other than project photos, no additional information will be needed or displayed unless you provide this information and request it.

You must be the owner / have the owners full permission to request the display of any project work or additional details, and by submitting the information to us you are acknowledging this requirement.

We will not under any circumstances use project photos or project details (for example working drawings) without the full consent of the owner of the work.

You may request and provide any additional details that you would like to display alongside your project photos.

Project photos and attached information that are requested to be showcased will be displayed on our customer gallery and social media accounts.

On submitting photographs and attached information for display, you are confirming that you are the owner of the work shown / have full authorization from the owner, and are giving permission for us to display this information on our website and social media accounts.

Q. I need to provide further information, for example working drawings or photographs, in order for my order to be created. My project should not be displayed in the public domain. Will these documents be secure?

A. We have full client confidentiality, and understand the importance of discretion with all projects. Any information of this sort will be provided only to the technician/s working on your project order, and will not be shared, duplicated or discussed in any other circumstances for any other purpose.

Q. Does this website use cookies?

A. Yes, as do the vast majority of websites. This is purely to enhance your user experience, and none of the cookie data is accessible to us.

We hope that this Policy has helped you fully understand how the information you provide us is used, that it is only used for its intended purpose, and to reassure you that it is secure. If you require any further information, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.