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5 Easy Steps For Ordering Bespoke Work

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5 Steps To Ordering A Bespoke Light Kit

In order to make a bespoke light kit that will best suit your requirements, I'll need the following information:

1) Power Source

You can choose from either a standard 9v battery clip, a 9v battery clip with separate switch, a 9v battery box with integrated switch, a screw terminal connector (for patching into existing circuits), and for smaller kits a Futaba lead.

img_20160719_211818764 img_20160719_211834594 img_20160719_212011081 img_20160719_212029387 img_20160719_211849786


2) Power & Switch Lead

Decide where you will be housing the battery in the model or display stand, and decide on the length of the wire lead needed from that point to the point from where the leds branch out. If choosing a seperate slide switch, I also need the length of the switch wire.

img_20160719_214634433  img_20160719_214649978

3) Individual LED Wires

Each LED has its own wire run. I will need the wire lengths required for each led (from the point where the leds branch out, to the led itself). Remember to allow enough wire length for ease of fitting in your model. If in doubt, allow a bit extra.


4) LED Colours & Effects

I will need the required led colour for each wire run, and if they are static or flashing, or if other effects are needed.


5) LED Sizes & Fixings

Finally I'll need the diameter of each led (most commonly 3mm, 5mm or 10mm), and if led clips are required for fitting.


Fibre Optics

As standard, we supply 1mm fibre optics at 100mm usable lengths in bundles of five or ten - connected to your chosen light source. When ordering fibre optics, I need the quantity of fibres required and the lengths of the fibres (if other than 100mm), along with the required colour.